Fonder Fitness




Fonder Fitness provides mobile personal training, assisted stretch sessions and surf lessons. 

Who We Are

Trainers Who Care

  • Our passion is  bringing  more joy  to  your  life  and the ones  you  love.  Without health we  have  nothing.  Those  who take  care  of themselves are better  able  to  care for others.  With a sound fitness  program, we  believe you  can  be  the best version  of yourself. We strive  to  strengthen  you emotionally, physically,  spiritually, socially,  and psychologically.

Knowledgeable Training Expertise

  • With  more  than  10  years of  training  experience,  Coach  Cody  has you  in good  hands.  During that time he has worked with kids as young as 8 to people in their 80s of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Founded in 2014, Fonder Fitness mobile services has helped many transform their body, sharpen their mind, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Home health has never been more important than today, especially for the elderly. Coach Cody has an orthopedic specialty certification and has had great success in providing safe and appropriate routines for dozens of the baby boomer generation. And HE COMES TO YOU!

Your Success is Our Goal

  • We all face many obstacles daily that distract us, limit our time, and keep us from healthy activity. Every visit is designed to give you the most value for your time and is customized for your success. Our unique approach to coaching, educating, and mentoring gives participants the tools to live life to the fullest!